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Hemant Nayak

Yes- You've found the official Website!! Whoohoo congratulations (I'm still working on it though)

THIS SPACE IS NO LONGER BLANK Isn't that exciting! Doesn't say a lot but hey, it's a website! With my name on it! I think I bought the wrong website plan but can't change it now. 



One day there'll be a book here  - this is a forest where I like to take walks - you can't actually buy it


You can't buy this either - my daughter made this cake for me though 


This cat asked to be on the website though she's also not for sale. She was very insistent on being on the website and is generally the most pleasant of cats. The dog did not make it onto the site yet. 



Everybody's a little bit smart and everybody's a little bit dumb.

My Mom said that!

Whoa, my man! He wrote a book. 

My best buddy

I promise I'll read the book when I get time.

Random dude who owed me a favor




I'm a writer of fantasy stories with a bit of heart and joy and a lot of the strange. In my free time I'm also an ER doctor. 

This is one of the places I like to go on long walks with my dog and think of ideas.

Also, if you go through those trees and under that arch you are transformed into a 72 foot tall giant, but only for a few minutes. You should try it some time. 


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For any media inquiries, please contact amazing agent Jennifer Azantian

I'll post some contact information here eventually - promise

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